How do I contact your team?

We’re always happy to hear from readers and writers. Send us your questions, comments, or suggestions any time. Email radiateliterary@gmail.com and your message will be forwarded to the appropriate team member. Contact our Editor-In-Chief directly at biobee04@gmail.com.

Who can submit to Radiate Literary Journal?

Any young writer or student age 13-22 years is encouraged to submit their poetry, prose, essays, or nonfiction to Radiate Literary. We accept works up to 10,000 words.

We don’t pay for work as a volunteer organization, but we do provide exposure to the writing market for you and and your work and valuable peer feedback from Radiate editors.

What do you look for in a piece?

Our editors are qualified volunteers that have been instructed in how to best help writers succeed in polishing their work. They carefully select the pieces that have shown the most excellence or growth to showcase in each issue of Radiate Literary Journal. Here’s what they look for in a piece:

  • A complete story arc
  • Life-like characters
  • Inspiration or motivation
  • Excellent use of language
  • Good rhythm and rhyme if applicable
  • Comfortable story flow

Can I give feedback on a piece?

Absolutely! We love it when young writers share their skills and opinions with each other. If you have feedback on a specific piece, leave a comment or email us at radiateliterary@gmail.com.

If you want to join our team of editors, please apply. We are always looking for new team members dedicated to helping other writers become great.

How can I get plugged in to the Radiate community?

Thanks for asking. A few ways you can get involved are by leaving comments, joining the team, subscribing to the journal, or submitting your work. We also encourage readers to share with their friends so that the Radiate community can continue to grow. As we do, we’ll host contests and community events that you can get involved in.

What about rights? Can I publish it on my personal blog?

Radiate Literary requests first North American Serial rights to your piece if it has never been published, or second serial rights if it has. We also request archival rights, meaning we can keep it available on our site once it is accepted. You can publish and distribute the piece on your personal site or with another journal once it has appeared on our site.

We do have a Creative Commons notice on our site. That just lets others know that if they share your work from this site, they must give you credit.

Basically, by publishing with us you just agree that we can share your work and you get exposure as a writer. It’s a win-win!

What is your age/content/rejection policy?

Age Policy

The stated audience of Radiate Literary are those ages 13-22. However, we are aware that students may be in high school or college without necessarily being those ages. It is within the editors’ discretion whether or not to accept a piece by someone between the ages of 10-26 if they request an exception. 

Rejection Policy

The editor-in-chief may reject a piece for any reason. If a piece is refused by 3 editors, it will be rejected. If a piece blatantly or repeatedly violates our content policy, it will be rejected. 

Content Policy

Radiate Literary wants to nurture a respectful and encouraging environment for student writers. As such, we may reject pieces containing 

  • graphic violence
  • foul language beyond what is necessary to the plot
  • explicit sexual content
  • elements intended to horrify

If these elements are minor and not central to the style or storyline of a piece, an editor may accept the piece and remove questionable content during the editing process. 

Overall, we want our pieces to be perfectly suitable for readers between the ages of 13-22. That means a piece probably shouldn’t exceed a PG-13 rating except in the case of realistic plot elements that further the storyline.

We will not remove a piece due to religious or political content. However, our editors may refuse a piece for any moral or conscientious reason.