Puppy Love (but with a cat) – Jamy Starling

Today we have a short story by Jamy starling about a determined young man named Pablo who doesn’t let anything stand in his way. Pablo Riviera studied himself in his bedrooms full-length mirror he’d had as long as he’d lived in the house. He loved his house. Filled with so many memories of his 13Continue reading “Puppy Love (but with a cat) – Jamy Starling”

Seasons (Finding the Silver Lining) by Krishti K.

Humans by nature find it easy to take things for granted. In today’s piece, Krishti K. reminds us that there’s an upside to everything, through every season. Seasons (Finding the Silver Lining) Summer which is quite hotWith the heat of the sun,Is the time most crops grow,And the time we’re given for lots of fun.Continue reading “Seasons (Finding the Silver Lining) by Krishti K.”

Join the Radiate Community

Hello, writer friends! So excited to have you with us. One of the main missions of Radiate Literary Journal is to connect student writers with each other and allow them to provide feedback on each other’s writing. We’d love for you to get involved in the Radiate community. Here’s how to do that. First, followContinue reading “Join the Radiate Community”

All About Submitting to Radiate

Who Can Submit to Radiate Literary Journal? Any student ages 13-22 may submit to Radiate Literary. Most submissions will be featured on the site, and select pieces will be highlighted in each issue. Here are the qualifications for submissions: You’re a student ages 13-22 The piece is poetry, prose, essay, or nonfiction under 10,000 words TheContinue reading “All About Submitting to Radiate”