What Do You Do – Mathias

All of us have times where our emotions feel out of control and life’s circumstances feel like they are too much to handle. In “What Do You Do” Mathias gives describes some of the difficulties we might face, and offers a place to turn in those dark moments.

What do you do when you can’t let go
And yet you have to let go
For the rope you are clinging onto is already cut loose
What do you do when you just don’t know how you feel
And you know that no body knows how you feel
For whoever you explain to seems not to understand
What do you say when silence is the best speech you can offer
And yet the world expects much from you
For many are looking up to you

What do you do when you can’t stop cogitating
And you are coaxed into perplexion
For a solution looks similar to the problem
The puzzle is now too tight to be solved
What do you do when people around you are distant
And yet you need someone to talk you through
For a burden shared is less the weight
But you have never known the voice of a true friend

What do you do when life turns it’s back on you
And yet you still want to see yourself through
The same lighting strikes you twice
But you never know how to protect yourself from it’s wrath
What do you do when all hope seems lost
And giving up is the only choice you make
For persistence has tired you to ware
You feel you can fight no more
But God is still with you.

Mathias is a seventeen year old Ugandan residing in Entebbe, Uganda. He has loved writing since his childhood and it has always kept him going. Writing poems is his passion. For more information follow him on his social media accounts: Ankunda Mathias or email him at ankundamathias16@gmail.com.

Published by Jorja Ayres

Hi, I’m Jorja! I’m a Christian teen from Arizona with a passion for story craft, library hauls, and polka dots. I started writing about five years ago. Back then I mostly wrote short stories (and some fanfiction), but I’ve since moved onto the novel game. I can often be found reading, writing, listening to music, baking, playing piano and ukulele (Not at the same time. Yet.), playing with my pet hedgehog, or nerding out about various fandoms.

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