Darkness – Emily K. Seaver

With vivid imagery told through an initially simple piece, the talented Emily K. Seaver really evokes passion and feeling. Enjoy!

She loved the confines of the night
Where stars and moonlight showed so bright
Where monsters crept and shadows roared
And stars pierced dark skies like a sword
With wind-whipped hair, she smiled at the moon
While wind-whipped leaves whispered their tune
All was moving, all was still
Where monsters lurked, waiting to kill
The night brought life into her soul
A reckless joy to make her whole
And when all told her she must sleep
At midnight, moonlight would quietly creep
And lure her to the windowsill
To glimpse the darkness, that would fill
Her soul, the cool and dangerous breeze
That longed to comfort and to ease
Her fears, the night held her close but went away
To make room for the coming day
Where spotlights illuminated all of those
And left the girl scared and exposed
So then she asked the dark to stay
Begged for it not to go away
This she held to be her plea:
For in the dark she was finally free

About the Author

If you’re ever looking for Emily K. Seaver, you can probably find her hiding in her room with chocolate while pounding away at her computer, penning her next novel or poem and belting off-key Broadway songs. She loves her King and strives to honor him. She’s written as long as she could hold a crayon, and told stories even before that. However, when she turned twelve and began her first novella, she learned that stories were so much more than just something to do for pleasure, but they can also honor her Creator. She strives for her stories to hold a meaning behind the tale, and attempts to follow in the footsteps of some of her favorite authors. You can find her at https://ekseaver.wordpress.com/

Published by Lilian

Hi, I'm Lilian! I'm a book reviewer over at my main blog greenteawithbooks.wordpress.com. I'm also a graphic designer at my website stellaedesign.wordpress.com. Feel free to come say hi!

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