Seasons (Finding the Silver Lining) by Krishti K.

Humans by nature find it easy to take things for granted. In today’s piece, Krishti K. reminds us that there’s an upside to everything, through every season.

Seasons (Finding the Silver Lining)

Summer which is quite hot
With the heat of the sun,
Is the time most crops grow,
And the time we’re given for lots of fun.

Although we find it so,
As we get to visit other places more often,
We still lament the bugs and heat,
And wish for winter to happen.

Autumn is great but short,
Bringing falling leaves and a cold breeze.
And with that come the autumn rains,
Which people claim make them freeze.

So then comes the winter months,
And with it the holidays we love to celebrate.
We drink hot cocoa, wrapped in cosy blankets,
Yet complain about the bitter cold we hate.

And then with spring when the flowers bloom
Comes the heavy rains most kids enjoy
But many other people don’t like
For chilly winds and soggy air makes them annoyed.

No matter how great things are
We will always find something not so good about it
So, stop looking for the downsides to things
Trust me. By following that, life will turn out legit.

About the Author

Krishti K. is brilliant in astronomy and astrophysics; you can discuss amazing concept of physics with her. However when at coffee table or with a glass of her favorite mock tail, she loves to pen down her thoughts into words…..

Published by Merie Shen

Just another human! Also a child of God :) 100% Chinese-Korean aspiring author-artist and happy camper~

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