Let’s Live Today- Mahira P.

There comes a time in everyone’s life where we can become overwhelmed by what we see going on around us. Let’s Live Today is a piece that dives into one such moment and the hope the writer found within it. Enjoy!

Through closed windows I see the world,

I see misery, hardship and the suffering it is filled with.

Who knows whether there’ll be a tomorrow or not?

Let’s live the present, let’s live today! 

We may be far from those we love and who love us,

But isn’t there something that joins us with them?

Let’s cherish the old memories and unitedly pray.

Let’s live today! 

Every breath of yours, every moment you live,

Is the Almighty’s most precious gift. 

Surrender yourself to Him, 

Who showers his mercy upon you everyday.

With a heart filled with new hopes, let’s live today!

About the Author

Mahira P. loves writing poetry and stories based on nature, personal experiences, and her own opinions. She loves reading, singing, and dancing. She loves meeting new people and learning their stories. She’s also quite passionate about science.

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