The Lake: A Poem by Kanavin Kaen

Enjoy this poem, “The Lake” by Kanavin Kaen. Our editors loved the way thought-provoking metaphors brought the story in this poem to life.

Words rush past my head,

Roaring, thrashing, pouring,

Drowning me in a riptide

Of the most mindless rubbish;

Littering my head with feelings

I don’t feel, connections that

I cannot grasp.

Understand? What blissful fool

Can stand in that torrent,

Catching one drop of water

From the thrashing thousands,

Then speak the bittersweet lie,

That they are capable of caring?

Myself, I am a placid lake;

No spring to fill me, no river

To drain me, drying under the sun,

Forced to bear those foul waters.

Tell, do tell, when you

Find a lake dying for want,

Yearning to release its own waters,

Would you fill it further

With venomous nothings?

Madness, the sweet insanity takes you.

And let an outlet spring to me,

Where the crushing pressure

Can burst, burst through Earth,

Air, Fire, and expand to the

Glowing cosmos beyond;

Alighting on parchéd stars

To rest anew in peace.

Raging torrent becomes gentle flow.

Let the quiet, lost souls

Find a place to drink deep

The pleasure of solitude,

Undisturbed by the coming

Of these phantom waters,

Content in placid stillness.

About the Author

Kanavin Kaen has been devouring books since the age of seven, when he was introduced to a children’s fantasy series by his elder brother. His appetite has only grown over the years, to the point where he finished reading a 350,000 word novel in 24 hours, following which he resembled a particularly inebriated zombie. Kanavin is frequently in this state, with his head somewhere in the clouds. But every time he finishes a book, he is filled with a profound, primal sense of wonder and happiness. As a child, he rather ambitiously decided he wanted to make others feel that way too, and took to writing prose. Soon he discovered the remarkable storytelling ability poetry possesses, and now dabbles in both.

Poetry is special because everyone interprets it differently based on their thoughts and experiences. What does this poem mean from your perspective? Let us know in the comments.

One thought on “The Lake: A Poem by Kanavin Kaen

  1. What a beautiful, thought-provoking poem! I love the imagery and the rhythm of it. This poem is also very relatable for me, because there are times in life where my thoughts and emotions are so overwhelming, I absolutely need to write them out.
    Great job, Kanavin! =D

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