I Have Seen – Mahira

Today we have a poem about the wonders of nature and how it inspires her faith.

Every man sees the scattered colours,
Hardly any hear them sing.
The songs of gaiety, beauty and wonders,
I've heard them caroling.

I've seen the flowers dancing,
To the wild tunes of winds.
I've heard the trees chatter,
And pass each other grins.

I have seen the scintillating stars,
Diminish the dark of night.
I have beheld the sun bringing new hopes,
And mighty mountains standing like knights.

For all that I feel and see,
I thank the Almighty.
The charm of His nature I can see,
That is the greatest ecstasy.

About the Poet

Mahira is a writer who mainly focuses on poetry about nature and her life experiences. Along with writing, she enjoys reading, singing and dancing. She aspires to be a researcher, but is also passionate about literature.

Published by Jorja Ayres

Hi, I’m Jorja! I’m a Christian teen from Arizona with a passion for story craft, library hauls, and polka dots. I started writing about five years ago. Back then I mostly wrote short stories (and some fanfiction), but I’ve since moved onto the novel game. I can often be found reading, writing, listening to music, baking, playing piano and ukulele (Not at the same time. Yet.), playing with my pet hedgehog, or nerding out about various fandoms.

4 thoughts on “I Have Seen – Mahira

  1. Great Work Mahira! Your content is very thoughtful and hence we can envision your poetry! I could imagine the dancing flowers against the gentle breeze!!!

    Liked by 2 people

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