Forgive Them – Jamy Starling

This poem by Jamy Starling talks about her emotions surrounding her faith.

‘Forgive them’

Why forgive the unforgivable

How to forgive a pain so hard to heal.

A thought that we must bear,

Imprinted in our minds, of what we have done.

He was the way,

And we did away with Him.

We threw away the one that loved you,

More true than anyone else.

‘Forgive them’

How could you forgive what we have done?

To kill a God, we should die.

But yet we’re given a chance, a hope,

A Father, someone to love us.

Help us when we fall, words to heal our hearts,

And bring joy to our soul.

‘Forgive them’

When we would not welcome.

‘Forgive them’

The one’s that rejected Him,

The ones that laid their hands on Him,

The ones that watched,

And the one’s that did nothing.

‘Forgive them’

When time after time again,

We rebuke Him.

Whom people scream His name in curses.

‘Forgive them’

When some only follow for fame.

‘Forgive them’ 

Only to seem as if no one believes.

Forgive us. Why? When we create the sin.

We create the chaos that destroys.

Over and over we throw away our chances,

2nd chance, 3rd chance, 4th chance.

How many more will be given, 

Before we make the world plummet into chaos.

Why not replace us with better creatures,

Ones that will listen to you?

Ones that are honest and true,

Nor ever tire of following you.

Why shouldn’t you?

‘Forgive them’

Forgive us why?

We don’t deserve it.

I don’t forgive us.

It should be a joke, 

That you would ever make a way for us.

Why do that?

You know what happens.

And you keep letting things happen.

People die every day, 

The one’s that didn’t entirely deserve it,

And you, who didn’t deserve it at all.

‘Forgive them’

Forgive us?

It seems to be untrue that he’d be there for us.


He is.

He’s the shadow lurking making sure you’re safe.

He only lets you go when it’s time.

He’s the breeze we over look,

That keeps us cool when anger strikes.

The one that “Troubles” us, 

But he only wants us to be close to Him.

The whisper in the night that says it’s safe.

The only one that could ever be our overseer.

We crucified and cast Him out,

But he’s still there.

We should be kneeling down for forgiveness,

To only be rejected.

‘Forgive them’

How can it be?

To be forgiven.

And yet it is so.

We are forgiven.

What a comforting thought.

About the Author

Jamy Starling is in 8th grade. Her inspiration for writing stories began when she was little: her dad would tell her stories about a sea cucumber, herself, and four turtles named I got it, I got it, I got it, and I don’t got it. Giggles filled those nights, leading her to dream of magic. At age 6 she wrote her first 2-paragraph story, and since fourth grade, has been hooked on the art of storytelling. Her favorite part of storytelling is finding a spark of inspiration from life that would seem small to the eye and turn it into a story that people might enjoy.

Published by Jorja Ayres

Hi, I’m Jorja! I’m a Christian teen from Arizona with a passion for story craft, library hauls, and polka dots. I started writing about five years ago. Back then I mostly wrote short stories (and some fanfiction), but I’ve since moved onto the novel game. I can often be found reading, writing, listening to music, baking, playing piano and ukulele (Not at the same time. Yet.), playing with my pet hedgehog, or nerding out about various fandoms.

14 thoughts on “Forgive Them – Jamy Starling

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed reading it, I’m always so nervous when it comes to my poetry, but I like writing it too much to let that stop me. Thank you for taking the time to read it.

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