The Girl Who Saw Magic- Pen Wordsmith

Today we’re featuring the poem “The Girl Who Saw Magic” by Pen Wordsmith. This piece dives into the life of a girl who doesn’t see the world the same way everyone else does. It talks about the things she expereinced and how sometimes, there can be magic even in reality. Enjoy!

Once was a girl who lived in a world no one else could see

Where there were dragons and fairies and adventures to complete

This girl, she saw magic in the most ordinary of things

Most children do, but she never grew out of her imaginings

When first people met her, they thought it was cute

Not unlike kittens, puppies, or tiny little fruit

But slowly, their smiles turned down into frowns

Their whispers and statements began to abound

“Live in the real world!” she heard them say,

“Get out of your mind. It’s not healthy to live in this way!”

And so the girl tried, for some months and some days,

To ignore the magic and live in their world of grey

But their world was cold and tossed her around

And there were monsters in there that made not a sound

They were strong and frightful, but how could she fight?

For these were not the monsters who went bump in the night

So bruised and bleeding she returned to the land she’d found

To the place where any of her monsters could always be bound

And in her world, there were monsters she did meet

But monsters you create are monsters you can beat

For a time, she lived with a foot in both worlds,

And allowed her protections to slowly be uncurled

But one thing she could never have foreseen

Was how alienating living in two worlds could be.

A choice had to be made, so she left reality, and it’s ways

And returned fully to the world where magic did play

Where she shut herself away in a castle in the sky

And allowed herself to adventure as time slowly passed by

She thought she needed no one, but the young are naïve

For life is lonely when living in a place no one else believes

So began her quest to find a likeminded heart

Who’d find music in the wind and in the clouds see new art

Many times she thought she had, only to have them leave

And with each failure, in her heart, many fractures were received

So she built great walls to protect what was left of herself

And in an iron chest, she placed her heart on the highest shelf

She was the girl in the tower trapped in self-made solitude

But there was one alone who willingly pursued,

One who braved her dragons and fought her demons

And scaled the walls she’d built ‘round herself for eons

He was willing to see the magic of her world

And they watched as merfolk swam and fairies twirled

They found gnomes in the gardens and pixies in the trees

And dwarves ‘mong the rocks and whispers among the bees

Side by side and hand in hand

They walked through her magic land

Then one July night she thought something new

Perhaps, she thought, there is magic in reality too

About the Author

Pen Wordsmith was born with storytelling in her blood. Even before she could talk, she would act out conversations between characters with her hands. She was the child who saw fairies in the forest and dragons in the clouds. When she was eight, she wrote her first chapter book and made it a series by the time she was nine. Since then, she has written several other stories, including teen literature and short stories. She’s also tried her hand at poetry and song writing.

Her favored genres are fantasy and historical fiction. However, she reads a vast majority of other styles, including romance and mystery. She is currently a third-year college student studying for a degree in psychology.

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