Elegant Frondescence

Enjoy this poem about the complex yet ordered beauty of nature by Navaparna G.

Succulent vegetation
Augmented the garden in various colors
Roving among the tracks
I discovered, confused –
Between roses and sunflowers
We cannot compare their beauty,
As each reveals its splendor,
Exquisitely adorned in precise limitations,
They choose to be confined within barriers.

No competition could encounter among them,
May it be a creeper or a climber,
shrub or herb,
fern or conifer,
Reflecting alluring beauty inimitably,
it sparkles in their dewdrops,
showcased on petals and blades of grasses.

They live together, like a large family,
Full of various species and varieties,
Growing and transforming into beautiful flowers.

Phi localists discover the aesthetic beauty,
as I could also perceive to some extent,
I wondered how they defend themselves,
And how they are nurtured.

They showed me the architecture of maintenance,
that has always secured the plants, consisting
Of a basement and a wide greenhouse,
providing care for Mother Nature,
and armored by protectors.

About the Author

Navaparna Gautam is an amateur writer and junior in high school. Her grandfather was a prominent poet and a well-known translator of his time, so he has been her constant inspiration for the interest that she had developed in writing. She has keen interest in English literature and philosophy. Several pieces of her work have been circulated in social media. Her articles and poems have been published in local newspapers, and school magazines.

You can find more of her work at https://thelearnerin.wordpress.com/.

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