Goodbye – Libby P.

Today we’re featuring the poem “Goodbye” by Libby P. This piece shares a message of hope when the world seems dark and dreary. Enjoy!

When days are dark and skies are grey,

When roads are seldom traveled down,

When soil is hard as sunbaked clay,

And once-green grass is stiff and brown;

When home is naught but ash and dust,

When children can no longer cry,

When kindly friend has broken trust,

And mind is now too tired to try;

When mountain mist has turned to smoke,

When clouds forever shade the earth,

When dust that rises makes us choke,

And children born are dead from birth;

When once for all earth heaves a sigh,

And brings this broken world to end,

I’ll flee to better worlds on high —

That’s when I’ll say goodbye, my friend.

About the Author

Libby Powell is a quiet dreamer who, despite her tendency to timidly step back from the unknown, loves God and seeks to follow him and keep her eyes on him every day – a humbling, yet beautiful reminder that God is making her new with every passing moment. Her life is mostly full of music, studies, laughter, and lots of ideas that half of the time never actually stay with her.

Some of the things she loves best in the world are quiet, frosty mornings, steaming mugs of chai tea, burrowing into her blankets with a book, and silence. Living with the great hope of Jesus’ return has given her a passion to reach the nations, including the lost people of her own, with the Gospel of Christ. Her prayer is that he will continue to transform her into his image and that her work would reflect his glory and grace.

7 thoughts on “Goodbye – Libby P.

  1. Wow! When I read the title I was expecting something completely different. But I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the poem.💜

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  2. Libby, I love the gentle, compassionate yet evocative and deep language in this poem! So refreshed by your beautiful poetry! ❤️

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