That Which Cannot Be Named – Diya Kapri

Today we’re featuring the piece “That Which Cannot Be Named” by Diya Kapri. This piece dives into the struggle of trying to explain emotions and struggles in our present time. It is truly a work of art. Enjoy!

It’s something which cannot be named,

A feeling of which you are ashamed,

When you care about others judging you,

When you are quiet cause it’s not new,

A worry? What can it be?

The thing which only I can see

Through the sun, Through the moon,

It comes again every noon,

What can I even say

It comes back each passing day…

That something which cannot be named.

About the Author

Diya is a college student who loves traveling and her dream is to travel and see the whole world. She loves reading stories and novels or anything interesting that catches her eye. She says she is a 4 year old stuck inside the body of an eighteen year old girl and ice cream and teddy bears are what make her happy. What she really likes is when people accept her the way she is.

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