Years – Jamy S.

Hope everyone’s having a good beginning to the school year, and we hope you enjoy today’s piece! This is a poem by Jamy S., of life passing, regrets, and reflections.


All these years,
I felt something near.
A spirit creeping in my days,
A voice a whisper in my ways.

At years of three,
What an imagination I had,
A figmentation You were,
A friend I had.

At years of eight,
A discovery was made.
I found His name,
And a Father was made.

At years of twelve,
You were partly put away.
Tried to come back,
Yet I always failed.

At years of twenty-one,
A tragedy struck,
One friend gone, another blamed,
Now two friends lost.

At years of twenty-six,
Still I banished you,
Casting you out with all the blame,
And promising I would never let you in.

At years of thirty,
A shameful life I lived.
Thought I was so happy,
But felt broken, without a laugh within.

At years of thirty-three,
Another heartbreak happened,
Another tragedy struck,
And this one left me broke.

At these years,
Stuck in a place so full of sorrow.
Beeps that mark this heart to beat,
And tubes are my only ties to life.

At years of thirty-seven,
Four years gone by,
But I am happy to say,
I found my way.

At last I found Him yet again.
The friend I decided to blame.
But this time,
I would never let Him go.

At years of old,
I saw His face greeting me with tears.
Had this look of thought, pondering pain.
I went to talk, but couldn’t explain.

With open arms He said to me,
“Welcome my child.”
Forever I would be home, 
With my Lord.

About the Author

Jamy S. is in 8th grade. Her inspiration for writing stories began when she was little: her dad would tell her stories about a sea cucumber, herself, and four turtles named I got it, I got it, I got it, and I don’t got it. Giggles filled those nights, leading her to dream of magic. At age 6 she wrote her first 2-paragraph story, and since fourth grade, has been hooked on the art of storytelling. Her favorite part of storytelling is finding a spark of inspiration from life that would seem small to the eye and turn it into a story that people might enjoy.

Published by Merie Shen

Just another human! Also a child of God :) 100% Chinese-Korean aspiring author-artist and happy camper~

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