Wristwatch – Nancy

Today we’re sharing the poem “Wristwatch” by Nancy. Enjoy!

Check the time on the clock

under the sign –

Visiting Hours Only.

People lie in wards finding ways to pass the time

but time is all they have

and it slips



Her wristwatch ticks in constant reminder.

The watch keeps its shape but the wrist wears away.

The once-fitting strap mocks and smiles, sly.

The wrist becomes thinner and

The watch becomes looser,

as time inevitably ticks away.

About the Author

Nancy is an A-level English student who plans to study literature at University. She loves to write poetry, short stories, articles and descriptions, and she’s always reading! Often, Nancy is inspired by details in a story that someone might tell her, or her own experiences and people she meets or sees. Nancy started a blog to encourage herself to write more and to begin sharing her work.

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