Beautiful – Eliora P.

Today we’re featuring the piece “Beautiful” by Eliora. This piece is an exploration of our society’s definition of beauty, and how we could interpret the idea differently. Enjoy!


Do you see beauty?

Beautiful. Aesthetically pleasing or meeting a high standard.

Why are aesthetics the first measure of beauty? We have lost our perspective.  

We call a poem beautiful when it touches our heart. Do we call a person beautiful when they touch our heart? 

Some call our bodies merely aesthetic, the way we use them just a hobby. No, there is more to us than color and shape. 

When did service begin to mean failure? Putting people before aesthetics is beauty.

Know that age is a number and beauty is not. See the beauty that is the strength of wisdom and chase it. Can we chase it even when aesthetics blow away with time like sand in the wind? 

What if lovely meant those who love rather than those who ooze glamour? Lovely could be synonymous with compassionate. 

Lovely. Those who fight for the weak. Those who sacrifice youth for their children. Those who cry for justice.

Let us open our eyes wide enough to see beauty in those who put others before aesthetics.

That is a high standard.

Beautiful. Meeting a high standard.

About the Author

Eliora P. is a senior in high school. She has been writing since she learned the definition of a story. Usually, she writes short stories and essays about whatever catches her interest. Recently she began writing in different styles about specific themes, as you see here.

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