Flight of the Butterfly – Bri C.

Today we present the poem “Flight of the Butterfly” by Bri C.

Butterfly, butterfly,
What do you see?
Butterfly, butterfly,
On a daisy.

Butterfly, butterfly,
Swish and swing,
Butterfly, butterfly,
With colorful wings.

Butterfly, Butterfly,
Lands on a rose,
Butterfly, butterfly,
Lands on my nose.

Butterfly, butterfly,
White and black,
Butterfly, butterfly,
Goes right back.

Swish-swoosh swing,
What a wonderful sight!
When she makes her flight,
Back to the flower,
The daisy so bright.

About the Author

Bri C. is a 9th grader who enjoys writing stories, poems, and essays. Her writing is inspired by her own experiences and the things she sees out her window. She also likes horses, playing violin, and reading.

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