Adulthood – Mehak Aggarwal

Today’s post will be a short nonfiction piece about adulthood. It is exceptionally written and captures the feeling of change perfectly.

From the author herself: “Every stage is interesting; so is adulthood, of course. So, the changes that I felt in and around myself inspired me to write this.”

The more I get to know myself, the more I look forward to polish it.

The most radiant thing about adulthood is getting the keys of knowing oneself to the deepest. You just question anything about one’s convention and traits and folk that will give you a complete theory on its origin.

It is a complete new phase where figure and facts are admired in spite of preachy statements and words. The stage is more refined as everything that happens or has happened at any point of time starts speaking a language. That language is either self explanatory or craves for a translator as achieving lucidity is the aim.

Understanding becomes the new normal as one starts attaining the power of getting the unseen and unsaid.

Trying to make best of it.

An Adult.

About the Author

Mehak Aggarwal hails from India and is passionate about writing the stuff that she visualizes through her lenses. She is an optimistic individual who believes in simple living and high thinking. Mehak is in HR by profession and loves to interact with people and feels privileged in becoming a part of them.

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