Radiate Literary Journal Vol. 1 Issue 1

Editors’ Note

It’s my joy to present the first issue of the Radiate Literary Journal. I hope every reader is just as inspired by the voices of these young authors as I have been. It truly is a privilege to read and consider the words of my fellow student writers.

This journal is called “Radiate” for several reasons. To “radiate” is to emit light, heat, or energy. When you turn on a light in a dark room, it fills the room and shows you things you didn’t know were there. That’s the power of words. I believe that the words of young people have power to enlighten and the potential to change people.

We began this journal as a place for young people to share words that will be a radiant light in this world. As you read the poems and stories contained in this journal, I hope you’ll encounter new ideas and thought-provoking questions. If that’s the case, consider visiting our site to find new works each week.

And now, a few acknowledgments are in order. Thank you to the incredible editorial staff at Radiate Literary. Without you, this wouldn’t be possible. Thank you to every student who has shared their work with us – it’s an honor to read your work. Thanks to all of the talented artists who contributed to this issue. And finally, thank you for reading!


We’re delighted to present our first official issue of Radiate Literary Journal. In this issue you’ll find stand-out pieces by incredible young writers, combined with art and photographs by talented young artists.

Radiate Literary Journal

Volume 1, Issue 1

August 2020


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