Note to Self- Mehak A.

Today’s piece, written by Mehak A., is a letter of encouragement addressed to herself.

Dear Self,

Every day you will view a new sky, so don’t feel helpless

Just choose the right sunglasses and enhance your vision.

Every day you will be challenged, so don’t lose your morale

Consider it an opportunity and prove yourself.

Every day a new fear will haunt you, so don’t become a coward.

Rather take a step ahead and become fearless.

Every day a new criticism will cross your path, so don’t start doubting.

Go ahead and just focus on reaching your destination.

I’ve known you from younger years and strongly believe in you,

You have always done me well and I know you will continue in coming years

Don’t stop believing in yourself and conquer the world with your aura.



About the Author

I hail from India and I am passionate about writing the stuff that I visualize through my lenses. I am an optimistic individual who believes in simple living and high thinking. I am in HR by profession and love to interact with people and feel privileged in becoming a part of them.

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Just another human! Also a child of God :) 100% Chinese-Korean aspiring author-artist and happy camper~

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