The Man Who Forgot – Pen W.

Today we present the poem “A Man Who Forgot: A Warning for the Present Age” by Pen Wordsmith. She wrote this poem to emphasize the danger of erasing our past and refusing to learn from mistakes.

Once was a man who tried to leave behind,

All the things from where he’d come.

But sadly he found though forgotten in mind,

The things of the past cannot be undone.

And so doomed was he to repeat past sins,

To suffer again and again.

For time repeats lessons mankind has forgone,

Though it’d hoped to have taught them then.

About the Author

Even before Pen could talk, she would act out conversations between characters with her hands. She was the child who saw fairies in the forest and dragons in the clouds. When she was eight, she wrote her first chapter book and made it a series by the time she was nine.

Since then, she has written several other stories, including teen literature and short stories. She’s also tried her hand at poetry and song writing, though they are not her strengths. Her favored genres are fantasy and historical fiction. However, she reads a vast majority of other styles, including romance and mystery. She is currently a third-year college student studying for a degree in psychology.

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