Through the Eyes of Children – Jimmy P.

This poem is about the author’s experiences at school. He noticed a factory-like nature that pushing kids to their limit to increase the output of grades.

He wanted the poem to be an honest representation of his feelings about where the school system fails, and the way people look back at their school experience through rose-colored glasses.

To read more about the ideas that inspired this poem, check out this post on his personal blog. Enjoy this thought-provoking piece.

Photo by Seb Bellavia.

The assembly line barks into life,
Stuttering and stalling, it takes a short while. 
Fear begins to creep and rest inside their eyes
That are left to witness the final, fading smiles. 
Archaic technology begins to operate 
Clanging and clattering, 
Confidence shattering, 
And so, it ceases the chattering:
The kids cower, afraid;
They know they must obey;
They can’t offer a single complaint.
This is how order is maintained. 
At the age of nine
We see the first sign
As we are taught to aim high 
To succeed, not just try. 
To shoot for the sky
To not ask why;
Forced to comply.
If we try to hide
And expand our own mind
It becomes a downward slide
And away goes our guide.
It’s a shame, I sigh.
At thirteen years of age
Nothing has changed
We are still afraid;
Still trapped in these chains 
And forcibly trained
To be smart on a page
Everything is feigned, 
All freedom restrained
For fourteen years, sustained
Yet it goes on unexplained;
Why is this all that is displayed?
I look on with disdain. 
When we reach eighteen,
We can leave the regime
Off turns the machine
But we are still naive.
We are popped out of the mould
Only to be controlled

Like there is a blindfold
From the day of being enrolled 
To the day we are too old.
We look back; remembering all gold 
Conveniently forgetting the scolds.
So the lies remain untold
We are creatively drained 
Verbally maimed; almost driven insane
After years of being restrained
Just so we all come out the same.
Deposited to adulthood,
Left to be misunderstood. 
They were lying to me when they said:
“Your school days are the best you’ll ever spend”

About the Author:

Jimmy is a student who has just finished school, embarking on a gap year, using poetry as an escape from the world. He spends his time analyzing his own poetry on his blog ( and making pictures (

4 thoughts on “Through the Eyes of Children – Jimmy P.

  1. It saddens me to see how childhood has been turned from a time of excitement and discovery into a time of work and hardship, something kids, especially young ones, shouldn’t have to experience. Not to mention it doesn’t really prepare one for real life.

    This is a great poem. I love its message, and its meter and rhyme. Great job!

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    1. Yes!! Initially, when I read this poem, I had the same reaction the writer is trying to shed light on – “wait, is it really this bad?!” It’s an important point.

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      1. Definitely! All this pressure on kids makes it to where adults put too much pressure on themselves later on. I hope that will change. It isn’t right that things are like that!

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