Song of the Violin – Jai Lynn

Enjoy this poem “Song of the Violin” by Jai Lynn. We love the comparison between music and life.

The path of life

follows the notes

of a violin.

High notes

play the happy memories.

Low notes

play the sad.

The bow sliding back

and forth

no matter how fast

or how slow

is the way we look life

in the eye.


or rashly.

When the sound

changes strings

a new chapter

in our life story



life hurts

and we fall

out of tune…

That’s when

we must


to our hearts

instead of our heads

to find our music

once again.

It’s our choice

to follow

the notes

or risk losing

our song.

About the Author

Jai Lynn was born and raised in the suburbs of New Jersey and after trying out a number of career paths finally decided to follow her passion of writing. Her previous work has been featured in Drunk Monkeys. You can find her other writings on her website or track her down @jaiiiilynn4 on either Twitter or Instagram.

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