Humans with Warmhearted Souls – Lyrick J.

We’re happy to share this poem “Humans, Warmhearted Souls” by Lyrick J. For anyone who needs a sincere reminder that the world isn’t all as cold as it sometimes feels, this piece is for you.

You wake up in the morning
see the sun shining
and get up to do your routine
But please don’t forget this one thing

You may not avoid the painful challenges coming your way,
You may think you’re tackling them on your own,
But remember that you’re not alone

Though you may judge humans as heartless monsters,
There are some who still have warmhearted souls

I pray to God you have one on your side.

Lyrick Jonson is a student who writes poems and shares his creations at Burning Poems, his personal website.

Published by Merie Shen

Just another human! Also a child of God :) 100% Chinese-Korean aspiring author-artist and happy camper~

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