Open For Submissions: The 6 Pieces We’re Looking For

Radiate Literary is open for submissions. If you submit your piece within the next two weeks, you’ll have a chance to be featured in our very first end-of-summer issue. If you’re debating whether to submit, check out our post on the 5 reasons you should submit to Radiate Literary. Here’s some more info: the six pieces we’re actively looking to feature in Radiate.


We want to feature some incredible poetry in our end-of-summer issue. Poetry is one of the most versatile ways of expressing stories and emotions. From a storybook-style rhyming poem to free verse to haiku, we want to feature your poetry.

Along with poetry, we love to hear what inspired the piece. If you have a personal or touching piece of poetry, let us know why you wrote it when you submit. We can’t wait to read your poems.

Short Stories

Short stories can mean anything from a fleshed-out piece of 6,000 words to a flash-fiction vignette of less than 1,000. We want to see your short stories. If you have a good story that has a complete story arc or compelling characters, please submit it.

As the Editor-In-Chief, short stories are some of my favorite pieces to read. They’re interesting, exciting, and can bring across a message in a poignant manner. I firmly believe that everyone has a story to tell, whether it’s true or fictional, whether or not they’ve discovered it yet. Submit your story today.


We here at Radiate love essays. It’s not just your standard college application here’s-a-mistake-I-made-and-how-I-learned essay we want to read, though. We want the personal essays that tell a piece or your story or show a bit of truth. We want the essays that are an exploration of writing, a call to action, or a peek into your life.

If you’ve never written an essay before, don’t shy away because they sound bland or intimidating. If you’ve lived, you have content for a personal essay. Check out this article on how to write a personal essay and show us what you come up with. Practice telling your story in a meaningful way by sharing your essays with the writing community Radiate Literary.


What’s the difference between essays and nonfiction? The two certainly overlap. We’d call it an essay if it’s based off of a personal story, has a clear message from you to readers, or has a more experimental style. We’d call it nonfiction if it’s more of an article about or exploration of a topic in history, culture, science, or another subject.

If you are a journalism student or just have a bit of detective in you that wants to search out the story in everything, submit your nonfiction or article to Radiate Literary.

Novel Excerpts

If you’re writing a novel, our editors would love to give you some feedback on an excerpt. Pick a portion of your novel that really gives a picture of the style and story of the novel as a whole. Our editors will give you some feedback that will help you pinpoint your weaknesses or strengths for the rest of the writing process.

Even better, we’ll share your excerpt with the writing community at Radiate Literary. You’ll have the chance to share a piece of your novel with writers and readers all over the world. We don’t know of many other journals providing feedback on your novel excerpt, so this is a great way to get some feedback and grow your audience.


Yes, you read that right! Radiate Literary Journal wants to see your art. We’re currently looking for original pieces that could work as cover art or images to add to stories. If you want to submit original art along with your piece of writing, we love to see that too.

If you have an art submission, email a picture and description to the Editor-In-Chief at Include the medium, size of the work, and a short artist bio. If your art is accepted, it will be featured on the site or issue cover with your name and bio.

If you have pieces in any of these genres sitting around looking for a home, submit your work to Radiate Literary Journal today. We’re excited to hear from you!

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