All About Submitting to Radiate

Who Can Submit to Radiate Literary Journal?

Any student ages 13-22 may submit to Radiate Literary. Most submissions will be featured on the site, and select pieces will be highlighted in each issue.

Here are the qualifications for submissions:

  • You’re a student ages 13-22
  • The piece is poetry, prose, essay, or nonfiction under 10,000 words
  • The piece uses respectful language and does not include gratuitous violence or sexual content
  • You give permission for your work to 1) be shared with Radiate editors, 2) be posted online and shared with Radiate email followers if accepted, 3) be put in contact with Radiate editors regarding your piece and 4) be licensed under Creative Commons while on Radiate Literary Online
  • You understand you will not be paid for the submission as this is a volunteer-run journal
  • Your submission has not been previously published.

We want to see your work! Our editors are trained to look for potential in every piece and use that as a measure of what to accept. Submit your work today.

What Do You Look For In a Submission?

Our editors look for the potential in a piece. With that in mind, here are some of the things they may consider:

  • A complete story arc
  • Life-like characters
  • Inspiration or motivation
  • Excellent use of language
  • Good rhythm and rhyme if applicable
  • Comfortable story flow
  • Growth since the piece was last submitted

Can I Submit to a Specific Editor?

If you think that a specific editor would provide great feedback on your story, go ahead and specify that you would like to be matched with them in your cover letter. We’ll do our best to make sure each submission gets matched with whomever can provide the most complete and helpful peer feedback.

How Do You Match Editors with Pieces?

Radiate Literary is unique in that we match each piece with an editor that will work with the writer and provide personalized feedback. We want each piece to reach its fullest potential before we feature it in the journal. There are several things we consider when matching a piece with an editor.

  1. What does the editor like to read? We’ll match your short adventure story with an editor that loves adventure fiction, but we won’t send your poem to someone who hates poetry.
  2. Who is best qualified to provide feedback on your piece? If there are specific themes or qualities to your piece that an editor’s experience would help them pick up on, we’ll take that into consideration.
  3. What’s the current availability? Not all editors are available all the time. If someone’s out of commission, we’ll match you with whoever is qualified and available to make sure you get feedback as soon as possible.
  4. Do you have a request? If you request a specific editor, there’s a good chance we’ll match you with them.

Can I Read Submissions?

Thanks for your interest. We currently have a staff made up of volunteer editors and submission readers. If you think you’d be a great addition, please apply. Here are the qualifications to be a Radiate editor:

  • You’re a student ages 13-22
  • You understand this is an unpaid volunteer position
  • You have some experience writing or reading literature and a grasp of English grammar
  • You are dedicated to helping other young writers succeed
  • You have excellent communication skills
  • You agree to 1) be respectful and thorough in your feedback, 2) have your information shared with the managing editor for review, 3) be put in contact with submitting writers regarding their pieces, and 4) not disclose or share any of the submissions sent through you for review

I Have A Specific Question.

Sure. Email the editor-in-chief Grace C. at She’ll do her best to help you out.

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